HearthKings Novice League - Season 1


Division 1
Place Name Wins
1 SevenThings#1810 15
2 sirjimithy#1342 8
3 TheWaxman#1624 6
Division 2
Place Name Wins
1 Yzerboy#1444 10
Division 3
Place Name Wins
1 cmoney25#1329 5


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Date Match Score Details
5/23/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 3 : 0 Info
5/23/15 9:00PM EDT SevenThings#1810 vs TBD 0 : 0 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 0 : 3 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 2 : 3 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 2 : 3 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs cmoney25#1329 3 : 1 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 3 : 0 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 3 : 0 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 2 : 3 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 3 : 0 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs Yzerboy#1444 0 : 0 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TBD 0 : 3 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT TBD vs TheWaxman#1624 0 : 0 Info
5/21/15 10:00PM EDT sirjimithy#1342 vs TBD 0 : 0 Info

General Information:

Welcome to the HearthKings Novice league! This is a 45 day league split into two parts, the group stages and the playoffs. The group stages last for four weeks, and entitles you to a minimum of eight Best-of-5 matches. The top 32 players with the most wins from the group stages will advance to the playoffs, where they'll battle in a single elimination bracket for the cash prize. 

 Date: Sunday, April 26th
 Time: Matches are played every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 EDT (unless you reschedule, which is recommended)
 Format: Last Hero Standing – see rules for details.
 Prize: $25 (Prizes are paid via Paypal or Battle.net giftcard [your preference!])
 Entry Fee: $4.99 (additional late fee of $4.99 applied for registrations after April 26th)
 Region: North America (European players are welcome to play if they have a North American Hearthstone account)
 Registration: Registration for the league is always open – players may sign up at any time before and during the league

Please note: Decklists and a new format (most likely Conquest) will be coming in Season 2. Unfortunately it's a little harder to develop so we weren't able to launch it with our first season of leagues. Have fun!

Scheduling and Reporting Matches

Default match dates are every Wednesday and Thursday night (two Bo5s each week). Every Friday night, a schedule will be posted in the "Standings and Schedule" tab, showing you your matches for the week. Please be aware: you are able to reschedule when your matches are played, as long as you and your opponent both agree to the change. If you can't reschedule your match for whatever reason, the default dates are Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 PM EDT.

To reschedule your matches, or find out details about your matches, select the "Standings and Schedule" tab and click on the matches you have available for the week. From here you'll be able to reschedule your match, view the default play time, as well as talk to your opponent. Please be aware: if you want to reschedule your match, you need to do it officially through the website. Failure to do so may result in you receiving a loss for that match.

If your opponent doesn't show up at the default time, or the time you rescheduled, you can claim that match as a win. 

Screenshots: In the case of disputes, we would advise all players to take screenshots of their wins. We won’t ask you to present these screenshots unless a dispute has been filed. 

Format and Playing Matches

This event uses the "Last Hero Standing" format with one class ban (if you win a game with your deck, you continue using that deck until your opponent beats your deck). Players must each bring four different classes to their match. 

Announcing classes: Before your match begins, when you're both in the challenge screen, players must share with each other the classes they're playing in their match. To prevent any counterpicking, please say your classes at the same time. Once you've both announced your classes, each player may ban one of their opponents classes so they're not able to use it in the match up.  

Once in the challenge screen, players are forbidden from leaving the screen. In the event your opponent does leave the challenge screen, ensure they're not in their collection. If they do enter their collection, take a screenshot and report your match as a win. If it's a legitimate accident or simply a problem with their internet, re-challenge your opponent.

Reporting matches: You can report your matches by going to the "Standings and Schedule tab" and clicking on your match and following the steps provided.

Remakes and Disconnects

In the event your opponent disconnects by accident, it is up to the player that remained in the game to claim that game as a win or agree to remake the game.

In the event both players disconnect because of server issues, the game will be remade.

Players are allowed to remake their game if they both agree to it.

In the event your opponent plays the wrong class (for example, playing Warrior when they were supposed to be paying Paladin), it's your choice to decide whether or not to claim the game as a win or to remake it with the

Conflicts and Disputes

Be respectful towards other players and admins in this event. We have a zero tolerance policy towards “bad manners”. While this is an amateur event, it doesn’t give you the right to bad mouth a player for any reason. Every week we disqualify 2-3 players because of their attitude and the way they speak to other players – please don’t let that be you. Something as basic as saying “you suck” will result in instant disqualification if reported. At the end of the day we’re all human beings, playing a computer game – there is no reason for unsavory language or insults. Remember: zero tolerance policy.

If you have a problem with your opponent, try and solve it between yourselves before contacting an admin. If you can’t, contact an admin and let them know the situation. Please double check the Help page and and the official rules before contacting an admin to see if you can solve the problem on your own. At the end of the day, admins have the ability to overrule a rule if they deem it necessary.