Why AD2L?

Our goal at AD2L is to bring high quality events to those that need them the most - amateur DotA players.

  • Lower and higher skill: Tired of being defeated by players significantly better than you? Have no fear, our leagues are here! We have seven different leagues divided by badge and mmr - everyone from Heralds to Immortal players are welcome here!
  • Consistency: There won't be a week where you won't have access to our events. We'll never cancel/not show up and we almost always have something running for you to play in.
  • Professional staff: Our staff have been running tournaments for years, having hosted over 200 tournaments with over 30,000 participants. We know what we're doing, and your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Quick payout times: No longer will you wait months upon months trying to receive prize winnings - we send out payments quickly after the conclusion of each season.